The Laboratory for Trans-border Cooperation on Green Concrete was created in 2020 as a recognition of a long-standing collaboration between the universities and several research centres from Bordeaux and the Basque Country.

The strategic objective of the LTC-Green Concrete is catalysing the research carried out within the Euroregion Nouvelle-Aquitaine Euskadi Navarra in the field of cement-based materials science and technology, with the aim of becoming a European reference on this field.

The LTC-Green Concrete is also part of the LTC-Sarea, created in 2021 to enhance the multi-disciplinary collaboration between the members of all the LTCs, and participates actively in other collaboration initiatives like the ENLIGHT European University.



Integrated porous cementitious nanocomposites in non-residential building envelopes for green active/passive energy storage

Novel eco-cementitious materials and components for durable, competitive, and bio-inspired offshore floating PV substructures

Photonic Metaconcrete with Infrared Radiative
Cooling capacity for Large Energy savings


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A panel of experts of the European Commission has recognized that EU-funded Research & Innovation project MIRACLE might produce a breakthrough impact and that CFM-CSIC and TECNALIA are key for…

Due to aging buildings and climate change, this research gives a “green tinge” to reinforced concrete refurbishment technology, reducing its environmental impact, and strengthening decarbonation in the use of resources,…

Today (20th December 2022) we had the kick-off meeting of our new project “PCES, Photonic Concrete for Environmental Solutions” (TED2021-132074B-C33), funded by the Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI). Here we seek…