The Institute of Mechanical Engineering I2M includes a large range of topics related to research fields in mechanical engineering on the campus of the University of Bordeaux, France. Although the topics are of fundamental nature, they cannot be separated from the applications as well as from training activities in the field of mechanical engineering. Recognized and supported by the INSIS department of the CNRS since its creation, I2M is constantly in step with the major advances made in the field of mechanical engineering.

I2M is part within several projects connected to design the industry of the future, functional materials, sustainable housing or to prevent deterioration of famous historical sites as the cave of Lascaux. Such projects are supported by skills acquired and developed in the field of multiscale physical phenomena within heterogeneous media and systems, either using experimental approaches (from microscopy to process instrumentation), or the numerical tools (Notus in fluid mechanics, GRANOO for granular materials modeling).

In January 2019, some of our 340 members will be located on two main areas within the Bordeaux University Campus (Arts et Métiers and Bordeaux University). Those achievements result from 10 years of intense collaborative work between the academic affiliations of the unit (University of Bordeaux, CNRS, ENSAM, Bordeaux INP, INRA). It was also greatly supported all over the time by the «Nouvelle Aquitaine» regional council and « Programme Investissement d’Avenir » of the French government. It demonstrates our constant involvement within industrial projects linked with the regional poles (Aerospace Valley, Xylo-future, Avenia, Route des Lasers…). It is also an important node of the national « Carnot ARTS Institute » sustained by Arts et Métiers Paris Tech.

With time, I2M institute is becoming more internationally attractive thanks to the involvement within European projects and mobility of junior or senior researchers who aim exploring with us the mosaic of mechanisms at the low scales that will help us to design the engines of the future… Do not hesitate to visit our website and to contact us in order to know us better!