PCES: We have a new project!

Today (20th December 2022) we had the kick-off meeting of our new project “PCES, Photonic Concrete for Environmental Solutions” (TED2021-132074B-C33), funded by the Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI). Here we seek a reduction of the energy related with concrete following three main lines:

  1. Changing the cement recipe to ease microwave clinkering at a reduced temperature, reducing the carbon fingerprint.
  2. Developing a photonic concrete compatible with radiative cooling by doping the concrete matrix with micro/nanoparticles of different materials, reducing the energy consumption of conventional cooling systems like air conditioning.
  3. Exploiting the radiative cooling properties and engineering surface microscale texture to produce water by ambient dew water harvesting.
    Project’s Principal investigators are Jorge S. Dolado (CFM-CSIC), Andrés Ayuela (CFM-CSIC), Juan José Gaitero (TECNALIA), Miguel Beruete and Iñigo Liberal Olleta (UPNA). No doubt we are the best team to achieve all these ambitious goals!