Dr. Edurne Erkizia


Deg. Chemistry by the University of the Basque Country, PhD in Inorganic Chemistry by the University of Nevada (Reno, USA). Following her post-doc years in the University of the Basque Country she joined Tecnalia in 2003 (former Labein) where she has been researching cement-based materials and their properties, and working in the synthesis of (nano)materials as additions to improve the properties of cement-based materials and/or to give new functionalities. She has experience in sol-gel synthesis, in particular the synthesis of silica microcapsules encapsulating different molecules such as adhesives and studying their self-healing applicability in cement-based materials. Furthermore, in the last years Dr. Erkizia has also started working on supercritical fluids technology, in particular synthesis of different nanoparticles such as calcium silicate hydrate nanoparticles using supercritical fluids. Dr. Erkizia has participated in a number of different research projects at international as well as national level and has supervised 3 PhD theses. As results of her research, Dr. Erkizia is co-author of over 20 papers, 2 patents and has participated in many conferences all around the world.