Dr. Eunate Goiti


Senior Researcher and R&D Project Manager at TECNALIA since 2007, PhD in Polymer Chemistry from University of Salford (U.K.), MsC in Chemistry from the Basque Country University. Previously she has worked as a Researcher at the Plastic and Technology Research Center in Dow Chemical Co in The Netherlands and as post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Polymer Science and Technology of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research in Madrid (Spain). 

She has been involved in many research projects and national & international collaborations related to sol-gel chemistry, nanoparticles synthesis, nanostructured materials and nanocomposites. Her main research interest during last years is related to superinsulating thermal aerogel materials: aerogel synthesis from waste materials, application of aerogels in construction components and solutions. She has coordinated and participated in several European projects (AEROCOINS, RESSEEPE, VEEP, ICEBERG…), clusters, national projects and contracts with private companies. She is author of several pier-review papers, two trade secrets and two filed patent applications.