Dr. Juan J. Gaitero


Deg. Physics (2002), PhD Materials Engineering (2008). He is senior researcher in the Construction Materials group of Tecnalia. He has 20 years of experience on the application of nanotechnology to the development of construction materials, and on research projects management. His main fields of expertise are cement composites, hydrothermal and supercritical fluid nanoparticles synthesis processes, and multi scale characterisation techniques. Currently, he is co-leader of project “Energy storage solutions based on conCRETE (E-CRETE – RTI2018-098554-B-I00)”, and participates in “Photonic Metaconcrete with Infrared RAdiative Cooling capacity for Large Energy savings (MIRACLE- 964450)” and “Integrated Porous Cementitious Nanocomposites in Non-Residential Building Envelopes for Green Active/Passive Energy Storage (NRG-Storage – 870114)”, among others. As results of his research Dr. Gaitero has published over 20 peer review papers and 2 patents. He has also taken part in many conferences all over the world and supervised 2 PhD theses.